Re-using a Google Site name - tbd

Google says this about Google Site names:

When selecting a URL for your site, keep the following in mind:

  • Your site name (and URL) can't conflict with an existing site name.
  • Your site URL can't conflict with an existing Gmail username (unless it's your own).
  • Site URLs can only use these characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9.
But that's not the whole story. Not only can your Site name not conflict with an existing Site name, it can't conflict with a Site name that has ever been used by another account even if that Site has been permanently deleted by the account owner.

Let's say I have a Google account and another account I create a site called perjury98site using account I then realise the error I have made and delete and then permanently delete the site. I then try to create a new site called perjury98site using the account
I can't.
In fact, no other account can ever use the Site name perjury98site. Only the account perjury99@gmail.comcan