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Access Google sites using 'rebadged' gmail accounts - r#d

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Some users are experiencing problems when they try to access Google Sites using Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder accounts. Presumably this is something to do with the fact that these are (afaik) gmail re-badged! To resolve this, follow the instructions given below.

Some users have been experiencing problems accessing their site, after signing-up using email addresses provided by Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder. To access your website and edit in Google Sites, please follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account using the Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder email address you used to publish your website initially.
  2. Change the primary e-mail address on this account (use any address except a Google Apps or Gmail-based address*).
  3. Verify the new e-mail address using the confirmation link in the email Google will send you - your password for your Google Account will remain the same.

You can now sign in to Google Sites using the new email address specified (alongside your original password), and can edit and improve your business website.

*We recommend signing up for a government-backed MyGuide email address.

Read one users' experience and how they resolved this issue here:

Alternative email providers to try are and