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Add comments or other content using a form - tbd

At the moment, 'comments' on a Google Sites page can only be added by Site editors or owners. It is a common requirement to be able to allow people to add comments or other content to a Google Sites website without giving them 'Can Edit' or 'Owner' access. 
(See also New commenting system )

One good technique that meets most people's needs, is the embedded Form and Spreadsheet technique described by Raveen and Steegle
Using this technique, the comments appear in a spreadsheet that may be embedded in a page.

Similar, but better looking, is the comment form and board developed by Mori
Other options are Disqus and Pnyxe. Examples of these commenting systems are shown here

The form and script described on this page have been developed to enable the submission of Announcements and/or Comments via an embedded Google form. The difference between this technique and those above is that the end result is that the comments end up in the comments section at the bottom of a page or, if you are using it with an Announcements page, as Announcements

Announcement Page Submission Form

(Enter something on this form and goto this page to see the results)

Announcement Page Form

Comments on a Page Submission Form

(Enter something on this form and goto this page to see the results)

NB: The new commenting system introduced by Google on Sept 20th has broken the script so sadly it no longer works for comments. And until Google make some changes it cannot be mended

Comment Form