Story from Dhananjay Upase,

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This spreadsheet consists of three sheets and a script The Sheets 1. Data - the sheet used to collect data from the associated form 2. Info - used to supply parameters to the script 3. Help - this sheet The Info Sheet - Parameters The parameters the script needs to run are: a. Target Page URL - the URL of the Google Sites page where the data input using the form is required. If this page is an Announcements page, the data will be posted as an Announcement on that page. For any other page, the data is added as a comment on that page. - parameters specific to Announcement pages b. Announcement prefix - The text supplied in this field will be used to prefix the submitter name on Announcement pages c. Announcement is draft - NOT CURRENTLY USED - parameters for submitter identification d. Use Name - If TRUE, the name field will be used to identify the submitter of the data e. Use Email Address - if TRUE, the Email Address field will be used to identify the submitter of the data The Data Sheet The data sheet has three field used in the form: a. Name - for the form submitter to supply their name b. Email Address - for the form submitter to supply their email address (this field is not (currently) validated as a valid email address) c. The Input field - for free format text Addittionally the form has a timestamp - used by the form - and a field called 'Processed' which is used to record which submitted forms have been processed The Script The script creates a menu called 'Input Form Management' with one entry 'Process Submissions' When run, each form entry is checked to see if it has already been processed (TRUE in Processed field). If not then the entry is processed and the data in the form is added to the target page This processing can be run automatically every time a form is submitted by setting the aaaFormSubmission to run on the OnFormSubmit trigger Version 0.1 - Alpha Test version