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Create a Poll using Google forms - tbd

It is assumed that you know how to create a Google Form. If not, look here:

Below I have embedded a form with a poll question (type: multiple choice).

Select an option and press submit to test!

The 'show previous responses' link that is displayed after pressing submit ( )
takes you to a graphical summary of the responses which you can then embed using the iframe embed gadget as I have done below.
*** not currently working - new Google forms seems to have broken something ***

More below...

Generating your own graph

Below on the left I have embedded the form (again) with a poll question (type: multiple choice). In the middle is a chart (of my choosing) showing a summary of responses so far and on the right is displayed the bit of the spreadsheet that does the work to generate the chart. (see below for more details about this). 

Chart from 'publish' HTML

Inserted Chart

In this spreadsheet, the poll responses are recorded in Sheet1, column B. The possible responses are listed in this sheet in cells A2-A5.