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Delete your Site (and recover deleted Sites) - t#d

How to delete your site

Deleting your site is quite straightforward .... when you know how. Just follow these steps:
  1. Click on the 'More actions' button on your Site

  2. Click on 'Manage site'

  3. Click on 'General' ...

    .... where you will see the button to delete the site.

  4. You will now see a warning that you are about to delete the site and how to recover it within 30 days. If you choose the "Delete" option, the site will no longer be accessible to those attempting to visit the site. However, if an Owner navigates to the URL for the deleted site, they will be prompted to "Restore Site" or "Delete Permanently" the site:

How to recover a deleted site or permanently delete a site

When you 'delete' a site it is 'soft' deleted so that you can restore it if you realise you made a mistake. This means the name is still reserved for 30 days or until you 'hard' delete the site by going to and deleting the site from there.

If a Site Owner navigates to the URL for a deleted site, they will be prompted to "Restore Site" or "Delete Permanently" the site. If the "Restore Site" option is selected, the site will be restored to the same state it was in at the time it was deleted.  

Selecting the "Delete Permanently" option will permanently delete the site, leaving no option to recover in the future.  This is a permanent option that cannot be reversed.  

For more information, see the official Google announcement concerning this feature.

For a list of your deleted Sites, go here:

or, for a Google Apps Domain DOMAIN NAME ../sites/system/app/pages/meta/dashboard/deleted