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Draft pages - r#d

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There have been several threads in the help forum discussing the desire for adding the ability to save drafts of changes to pages without making those changes live.
Unless/until this feature is added, here is a workaround suggested by Josh Diamond

I agree that a formal method for creating and managing drafts would be very helpful, but I have found a technique which give essentially the same effect!

The trick is to use templates:
  1. Open the page which you want to edit - but DO NOT click on the edit button.
  2. Instead, click on More and select Save as page template
  3. Give the template a name based upon your current page (If page is XYZZY, then template could be XYZZY-draft)
  4. Edit the new template, saving, editing and re-saving as often as you wish.  The original page will not be affected.
  5. When you are done with your edits and ready to deploy, go back to your current live page
  6. Click on More and select Change page template
  7. Chose your template by name in the Select a new template to use dropdown
  8. Click the checkbox for Apply default content from template
  9. Click on the red/orange Change button