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Embed a multitab spreadsheet

A user on the help forums wanted to display a multitab spreadsheet on his Google Site where each tab contains data for a single person. They wanted to have a separate page for each person on their and only display the data for that person from one tab of the spreadsheet on each page.

The instructions for how to accomplish this differ slightly depending on whether you are trying to embed a 'New' Google sheet or an 'Old' Google sheet.
(Eventually all 'Old' sheets will be converted to 'New' sheets)

Instructions for 'New Style' Sheets

Embedding 'New' style sheets is more straightforward than embedding 'Old' style sheets.
Simply select File>Publish to the Web and select the Embed tab of the dialogue box.
Then choose whether you want to embed the Entire document or a specific sheet, copy the embed code that is displayed and insert into your Google Sites page using the HTML editor. Here I have embedded just the first sheet using the embed code:

<iframe src=";single=true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false"></iframe>

Instructions for 'Old Style' Sheets

Embedding a spreadsheet and displaying a specific tab is straightforward enough. But if you select the option to publish just a single sheet as shown here:

Then you can only display that one sheet embedded in the Site.

In this instance, what the user needed to do was publish all sheets and get a link to each sheet in turn e.g.
File>Publish to the Web
and set the options as shown here:

and repeat for for each sheet in turn and copy the link generated and embed via the Insert>Spreadsheet option and paste the link into the "paste a web address here:" box.

The problem is that when the link shown in the 'copy and paste' box is embedded in the Site, although the selected tab is displayed, all the other tabs are visible and can be selected and the data on those tabs displayed. Not what the user wanted. However, it turns out that if you Hide all the sheets in the original spreadsheet, then only the selected sheet will be displayed in the embedded spreadsheet as demonstrated below. Result! (You have to have one extra sheet than you really need since you cannot Hide all sheets in a spreadsheet - hence sheet3 in this example)

(Or click the link to see the sheet as a webpage)

Test Sheet - Sheet 1 displayed

(Or click the link to see the sheet as a webpage)

Test Sheet - Sheet 2 displayed

Alternatively, take the URL
and use the iframe gadget to display the sheet

Include gadget (iframe)

Include gadget (iframe)

Include gadget (iframe)