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Embed a Google spreadsheet

There are three options for embedding Google spreadsheets into a Google Site from the Site editor. They all start the same way:
Insert > Drive > Spreadsheet ...
Select the spreadsheet to embed
Then choose one of the following options:

  1. View as Spreadsheet
  2. View as Spreadsheet (published)
  3. View as List
You can also embed a spreadsheet in an iFrame so that it is editable by those with edit access. See iFrame example - Editable Google Spreadsheet

Option 1 - View as Spreadsheet

Shows the current state of the spreadsheet

Copy of Memberlist

Option 2 - View as Spreadsheet (published)

Shows the spreadsheet as it was the last time it was 'published' using File > Publish 

Copy of Memberlist

Option 3 - View as List, OLD sheets

Shows the spreadsheet in a simplified 'list' view. NB This will only appear as different to the above for 'OLD' style Google sheets which this one (currently) is. Once it has been converted to 'NEW' style Google sheets it will look the same as above. (Which may have happened or not depending on when you are looking at this)

Copy of Memberlist

Option 3 - View as List, NEW sheets

Defaults to 'view as spreadsheet'.

Copy of Memberlist - new sheets