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Recover your google account

If you deleted your Google account within the last few days there is a chance that you can recover your Google account by following the steps below.

  • Start here at:

  • Enter the email associated with the account in the password recovery form.
    That brings you to a CAPTCHA page. Enter the CAPTCHA.

  • That brings you to the Password help page.
    On that page are two "Choose how to get back into your account" options with radio buttons. (What radio buttons you see will depend what recovery options you have set up for the account) : e.g.
    • Answer my security question
    • Get a password reset link at my recovery email
    • Get a verification code on my phone

  • At the bottom of that page in tiny type, it says:
    Can't access any of these recovery options? Verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your account.
    "Verify your identity" leads to the account recovery questionnaire:
There is an unspecified time limit according to this help page:
Google Accounts can only be recovered within a short period of time after deletion. If you received an error message stating “This account was deleted and is no longer recoverable,” the account has been deleted for too long and cannot be restored by our support team.