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Share your Site


In order to share your Site, You need to read and understand these articles about site sharing: (Click on the links on the left for details about different topics).

Google Apps Sharing restrictions

Note that if you are a Google Apps user, your Google Apps domain is managed by an administrator and the administrator can restrict your ability to share your site with people outside your domain. If you are the administrator for your domain you need to go to the page DOMAIN NAME../ServiceSettings#ServiceSettings/service=sites&subtab=0

to modify sharing restrictions. (KCcloud solutions has provided a useful links generator for other useful pages)

Page Level Permissions

See this page for details of how to use page level permissions

Access the 'old' sharing interface

Very occasionally, it is necessary to use the 'old' style sharing interface when the current interface is not working properly.
you can get back to the old sharing interface: add /system/app/pages/admin/sharing to the end of your site's URL and it will take you to the old sharing interface.

e.g. for Google Apps Sites or for non Google Apps Sites

Obtaining a list of Site Members

If you need a mechanism to generate a list of Site members, then see this script

'Sharing not available'

Some Google Apps users have experienced problems when trying to share their Sites. Apparently it is necessary to either use the 'old' interface (see above) or have the Google Docs service enabled in your Google Apps domain. So check whether Google Docs is enabled and try switching it on if it isn't already.