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Google Sites Announcements pages are blog-like in that posts are added in reverse chronological order and date and time stamped. But the similarity ends there. Managing announcements posts when you have a lot of them (especially if you use my Merge Announcements announcements script) can be a nightmare - especially as they appear in the navigation gadget in alphabetical order by title.

This script enables you to 'archive' announcements so that they are grouped together by Month, Quarter or Year. 
For example, without using this script, if you have an announcements page with 99 announcements made over 2 years, your page structure looks like this:


And if you wish to delete all announcements older that a certain date, it is a slow and inconvenient process to do so.
if you use this script with the Quarterly option, your page structure could look like this:


This has the added advantage that it is now easy to delete old announcements if you wish. Deleting a parent page will remove that page and all its children.

NB THIS SCRIPT IS STILL IN BETA. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I recommend that you test it on a copy of your site to be sure that it does what you expect before using it on a live site.
If you are also using my Merge Announcements script, you will probably want to add the URLs of the archive announcement pages to the list of excluded pages.

I have used it on this site - see @archive

The spreadsheet with the script can be copied by using the Spreadsheet template 'Google Sites Manage Announcements'
In Docs/Drive, click on 'Create' and select 'From Template'. Enter 'Manage Announcements' in the search box and click 'Search Templates'.
Select 'Use this template'.