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Classic Google Sites is being superseded by New Sites. This information site is therefore in the process of being replaced by my NewSitesGuide. It is no longer being actively maintained and information contained herein may be out of date. Any information that is still relevant is in the process of being transferred to my new Site.

Page headings followed by a series of letters indicates the page has been:
r = content reviewed for possible transition
t = content transitioned to my NewSitesGuide (where applicable)
d = deprecated - the content will no longer be maintained

tbd - denotes a page to be reviewed 

This site is a collection of information and "How tos" about Google Sites provided by Google Sites Product Expert 'Perjury'.
There are a number of other sites around that provide similar information and I have linked to them below.

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Resources & Links

Listed below are a number of helpful sites that I have encountered by following and taking part in discussions in the Google Help forums.

Google Help Resources

A really good resource if you want to find out more about how best to use Google Sites is the Sites Help Forum. You can learn a lot by simply reading the discussions and by asking questions. There are many people there only too pleased to help out.

Other good places to start are:

 Beginners GuideGoogle's own Beginner's Guide
 Template TipsFor guidance on using Google Sites Templates
 Google Sites HelpGoogle's own Help pages

Enthusiasts Websites about Google Sites large collection of 'How Tos', FAQs and Help articles by the longest serving Sites Top Contributor large collection of 'How Tos', FAQs and Help articles by another long serving Sites Top Contributor collection of 'How Tos', FAQs and Help articles by a Sites Top Contributor another. another - particularly good for Gadgets another good selection of help articles from a Sites Guru. Also good for gadgets and embedded slide shows  Focusing on Templates  

Google Groups to Sites migration hints and tips

Other sites I have found with helpful content

SitesGuide News

Recent announcements

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