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Google SitesGuide News is dead...

posted 29 Aug 2012, 08:06 by Philip Ridout

Long live Google SitesGuide News by perjury !

I have decided to discontinue updating this announcements page on Sitesguide in favour of using the content curation tool Scoop.it.

In future, I will post news about additions to my SitesGuide on this site (tagged SitesGuide):

Please 'follow' this page or subscribe to its RSS feed.

Google Sites sharing issue - new article

posted 28 Mar 2012, 15:43 by Philip Ridout

New 'How To' added

posted 23 Jan 2012, 14:47 by Philip Ridout

Import/Export List page data

posted 17 Jan 2012, 09:21 by Philip Ridout

Great new script from Romain Vialard 

Add announcements to announcement page by email

posted 15 Jan 2012, 03:47 by Philip Ridout

I have published and documented the script I wrote to enable me to add announcements to announcements pages by email

Disqus & Pnyxe

posted 17 Dec 2011, 12:24 by Philip Ridout

The comment and discussion tools Disqus and Pnyxe added to the site for experimentation. See Disqus and Pnyxe and Disqus SitesGuide

Coming soon

posted 11 Dec 2011, 07:58 by Philip Ridout

The script to process emails and post to a Sites' Announcements page used for this site's news feeds

What's happening in the Googleverse

posted 10 Dec 2011, 02:33 by Philip Ridout

As well as Google Sites, I use a lot of Google products. I like to keep abreast of what's new in the 'Googleverse' and so I monitor quite a lot of blogs etc so that I find out quickly about new products and changes to products. For those that have a passing interest in things Google I thought I would set up a News page where I would post items that I think are of particular interest. If you use a RSS feed reader you may subscribe to the feeds for these News pages.

Coming soon:
The facility to subscribe to a daily or weekly digest of these feeds by email.
A script to process emails and post to a Sites Announcements page

New section - Google Sites Web Design Resources

posted 8 Jan 2011, 07:48 by Philip Ridout   [ updated 28 Sept 2011, 04:50 ]

I have started a new section for Google Sites design resources

Script: Merge Announcements into single Announcements page

posted 22 Nov 2010, 07:28 by Philip Ridout   [ updated 22 Nov 2010, 07:29 ]

I have added the following script to my script library

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