Editing Gadget properties using IE8

posted 12 Oct 2011, 01:50 by Philip Ridout   [ updated 23 Dec 2011, 03:59 by Philip Ridout ]
There is a reported bug with editing text boxes or other gadgets in a page when using IE8.

Something about IE's content editable implementation means that it is not hearing the "click" events on gadget property buttons if the placeholder image for the gadget has no parent element. But if you surround the image with an empty 'div' the buttons work fine.

<div><img src="http://www.google.com/chart?...blahblahblah"></div> works ok.

This is scheduled to be fixed (by always surrounding the placeholder with a 'div') but this won't fix text boxes that have already been inserted.

So until this fix reaches production, and for any text boxes that have already been inserted, the workaround is to:
- Enter HTML mode and add an opening and closing <div> around the image
- Edit the document
- Press enter a couple times so there are blank lines below the placeholder image
- Drag the placeholder image down to one of those blank lines
- This will cause IE to wrap the IMG tag in a DIV
- revert to using the old UI (Options>User Settings)
do what sm_business did as described here
I had to update text in a text box and did the following for a quick workaround:
1)  Copy the text you want to keep (from the current text box) to a Word document and make any additions or changes to the copied text.
2)  Edit the web page and insert a new text box
3)  Copy the new text from the updated Word document into the new box.
4)  Delete the old text box.
I did save the page before I deleted the previous text box just to make sure all worked OK.  It did.
Hope this helps while we wait for the fix.